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Re: The PRO's (and con's) of Natural Childbirth

very empowering
faster recovery
on average, labors without an epidural are shorter by about 30 minutes.
not hooked up to anything/free to move
ability to move to positions that suit you best
freedom to be in shower/tub
be completely in the moment
feel a connection to women throughout time and culture... this is one of the most basic human experiences and always has been
feel a primal connection to your body
connect deeply with DH or your labor partner
because natural childbirth is not the norm, planning one usually requires some advance preparation in terms of researching birth, picking and communicating with your provider, advocating at the hospital, etc. Doing all of that helped make me smarter and more confident about all my healthcare choices, even years down the line.

CONS to natural birth
slightly shorter labor may not matter if you feel you are in pain for that time.
some people feel you can get many of the benefits (empowerment, connection to partner, etc.) through birth itself, regardless of natural or not.
hard to do without a good partner, advocate, or supportive provider
have to give in to the sensations which can feel like giving up control
some people want to feel like their normal selves throughout labor, but during natural birth, you generally do not look, sound, talk or act like your normal self

For me, the biggest pro was feeling like I was working and responding to my body, in another zone, completely engrossed in the moment. I sometimes compare it to how Olympic athletes might feel.
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