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Re: The PRO's (and con's) of Natural Childbirth

I think that there while there are a lot of cons to medicated births or epidurals, sometimes it can be a great thing for the baby. With DD1 she flipped two days before being born and was face up - it took over 90 minutes of active pushing to get her out and without the epi I never would have been able to do it, in that case it saved me from a C-section. With DS2 having an epi actually saved his life because I was able to stop pushing when told to. When his head popped out the cord was wrapped around his neck and body very oddly and the doctor just told me really quickly to Stop, Stop! and I did so she could unloop the cord. The doctor told me later that if I hadn't been able to stop the cord would have made DS2 head snap back. With DD2 I had an epi (I really thought about having a no-med birth though) but it didn't kick in at all so there was no way I could stop pushing, my body just took over so I'm grateful there weren't any cord issues with her!
I did read a lot about epidurals and their negative side effects but I totally feel it was the right thing for me but I know many women that wouldn't do it (or do it again) because they want to do it naturally. Also, my second epidural with my son was definitely influenced by the that fact that DH was deployed so he wasn't there to support me and I had lost DS1 in a med-free natural still birth which was horrendous so those things did really influence me.
I think if you have the support and have made an educated decision then go with what feels right for you - isn't that what parenting comes down to anyway? :-) Good luck and blessings on your new LO!
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