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Re: Why am I afraid of using the dryer?

Mama, you're busy!! Throw 'em in the dryer and forget it. I used to hang EVERYthing too. Every prefold, every wipe, everything. Then when it was almost dry I'd throw it in the dryer. Problem was, things dry at different speeds and in order to put things in the dryer before they got too dry I'd have to be there "babysitting" the laundry. I got so sick of it being so complicated and time consuming. I started using pockets that line dried quickly and drying the inserts in the dryer. The inserts weren't getting damaged by the dryer and they were so soft! I finally caved and started putting everything except pockets/covers in the dryer on low or medium. Everything has held up perfectly! I still love line drying when the weather is warm and I can hang them outside, but I won't be going back to the drying rack drama.
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