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Re: November 2012 to-do/to buy lists

Here is a rough idea of what I can think of atm. This list will greatly change depending on how many little beans are in there!

To Do:
Find some crochet projects (any suggestions are welcomed!)
Get baby clothes from one of my sil's, depending on gender. One has boys clothes, one has the girls. I actually just shipped boys stuff back to sil she is due in May.
Pull out all of Gavin's baby stuff we packed away- swing, bouncer, car seat, pump, boppy pillow
Paint nursery
Clean out closet in nursery WTH will I put all that stuff?!
Dh will build a dresser

To Buy:
Either a crib or a bed for Gavin- suggestions? He will be 2 before baby is born.
Double stroller
LOVE being able to buy cd's on Amazon- not that I need any, but swagbucks will help with that!
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