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Re: Pregnant after TTC while Breastfeeding! *February-March*

Originally Posted by khbordelon View Post
Can I join you?

Username (and name if desired) : khbordelon--- Karine
Age of nursling at time of BFP: 11 months
EDD with new baby : November 9th, 2012

I have a quick question for you mamas:
I have had only one post-partum period, started January 17th. DH and I BDed only once () in the past 6 weeks so I know the conception date and it really would not compute with the typical calculations for due dates based on LMP (EDD based on LMP would be October 26th) The discrepancy, two weeks, is pretty big, especially if I have an u/s early. What do you tell your care provider about the dates? ( I am not sure which way we will go , as far as provider goes, because 1) we will move in the next 3-4 months, 2) I don't have health insurance anymore 3) I was thinking about going the midwife route this time around if everything goes well)
I know some smarta$% doctors might not always listen to what you know and I don't want to be freaked out by them saying that baby is behind in growth and it doesn't look good,blablabla..
I have had 5 losses between DS and DD and I don't want to be stressed out more than I already am about this pregnancy.
Thanks for any input.
When nursing ovulation can be quite off, so I'd go with the conception date. If you know for sure the day, then don't sweat it. I know mine was off based on the U/S and LMP, but I knew when I got my positive test and when we DTD approximately (well the 2 times we did) even though I'd been done nursing for 3 months by the times I got preggo mine was still even off. I had to argue cuz they thought I was due 2 weeks later than I was. They finally went with my date, and now I'm measuring (and baby is measuring) right on track with the dates I told them were correct.
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