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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

Originally Posted by moonlightblonde View Post
I did! It was great =)

Technically I didn't know I was in active labor - I just felt sick sick sick...sour stomach and period cramps..I called my doula and she was over within an hour (she had to dump her 4 kids)..she took a look at me and within 10 minutes she suggested we leave. Apparently I have a pretty high pain tolerance and was able to talk/walk & eat through contractions so I figured we had a long way to go. I wasn't hurting so much as I was uncomfortable.
This is very similar to my experience. I never felt distinct contractions, just constant discomfort and thought I had way longer to go. It was apparent to my partner, though, that it was time to go to the center. My body started purging and my headspace was very different that normal.

I gathered from the book, Birthing From Within, that your body produces its own chemicals and your consciousness is altered, and taking a pain med/epi will sorta "break the spell". The meds interfere with the ones your body is producing and your awareness shifts abruptly- from dreamy to sharp. I can't say from experience how meds affect you, but I certainly was in a sort of birthing trance state.

I chose a birthing center where pain meds were thankfully not an option. It never occurred to me during labor- I trusted my body, and roared like a lioness (I read keeping your jaw loose helps keep the bottom loose so I didn't hold back and I think it helped a lot). Happy healthy baby boy, two weeks early.
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