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finding out gender

we have a boy and a girl and expecting a third. I kind of want the gender to be a surprise, but my hubby is absolutely opposed to the idea. he wants to know asap so that we can plan the kids' room arrangements, etc. he is also a doctor and of the mindset that it's a surprise at 20 Weeks and a surprise at 40 Weeks. he compared it to Tivo-ing the superbowl and watching it 9 months later. the doc knows, techs know, etc. he has been canceling patients and surgeries just to show up to our ultrasound next week and I know he won't be able to keep the gender a surprise. and I know he will be able to tell just by glancing at.the ultrasound screen. so torn! I see his point but I kind of want the surprise... did anyone encounter a similar situation? also everyone around us (the grandparents) are dying to know too!!!
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