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Re: Periods after C-sections...

Because of my PCOS, I have always had heavy periods, but my cycles were usually at least 40 days long. I don't know if it had anything to do with my c-sections, but after my second, my cycles went nuts. I was bleeding a ton and passing huge clots. The pain was literally equal to the pain I felt when I m/c naturally at 12 weeks. I would have to stop everything and double over to get through it. Then there were a few months I bled for 3 out of the 4 weeks. We tried to control things with BCPs, but when I doubled over in pain while driving on the highway at 70 mph with my kids in the car, I realized I had to do something else about it b/c it was getting dangerous. I ended up having an endometrial cryoablation about 2 years after DD was born. I can no longer have kids, which sucks - a lot, but my periods are much more manageable. They are down to about 3-5 days long and there are no more clotting issues.
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