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Re: Ok, I'm ready to be done now

So.. I got worked up over my sister's wedding registry last night (long story), and my BP was a little high at my DR's appointment they sent me to L&D to be induced if it didn't come down. I was excited for the chance for an induction (AND BABY!!), but scared if it didn't work, I could be stuck with a c-sec. It came down fast, though, and I was fine.

I got checked yesterday, and I'm barely 1 cm. Better than 'fingertip dilated', though, which is the most I've been before a delivery. Had contractions at the hospital on an off, then came home and hoped they would pick up. I took a normal dose of gentle lax last night since I hadn't had a bowel movement all day (sorry if TMI), and I was hoping it would clean me out and start labor. I took it at 10pm, and my stomach is just now grumbling. I think I might just be stuck with the 'clean out' part. No contractions this morning as of yet.

Kinda bummed, and hoping my body doesn't keep going in and out of this forever. The DR thought since I got checked last night, I would go into labor this weekend. We shall see. I pumped a little last night, and may pump again a little bit today, but I'm not going to out-do myself with trying too hard for this. She'll come when she wants to, just wish it was when I have family around so I'm not stuck taking DS into the hospital with us for my delivery!
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