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Re: August 2011 babies- March Chatter!

me too, crystal. been checking in here and there, but not writing. which makes me sad. I miss the super chatty days. but, life goes on.
I thought I had dodged the sick bullet here the other weekend, but now everyone else is better, and I am feeling terrible. cough, ears all funky, congestion...lots of fun bleh
add to it that I've been on a crazy roller coaster of emotions for the last 3 weeks. was feeling reallly really good a few weeks ago, but have been tanking ever since. I'm hoping some if it is just because I'm tired and sick, but it is still hard to do much of anything the last few days especially. I hate being in a downer mood. it is just so frustrating.

ok, enough of that.
STILL have not heard about the wrap, but another lady was asking about it on their facebook page, so it seems like they may announce it soon, even though they are still in the devolopement stage(making sure they like the thickness etc).
we are down to 1, that's right, count 'em, ONE! kid in diapers. trumpet fanfare!!! It's pretty awesome. Was sick of changing toddler diapers, elijah could go on the potty if we got him on, so about 3 weeks ago just said "no more diapers." He had a lot of accidents the first day, less and less each day and figured it out by the end of the week! He's 2.5, so it is not a super accomplishment, but I'm proud of him. Just diapers at night, cuz I don't want to be changing sheets at 3am. Now the trick will be to get him to stop the running commentary on his bodily functions. as he is going, he is counting his poops andtelling me that they splash and so on. boys boys boys.

it is snowing like crazy here...finally. the ground was bare otherwise. It dumped about 6-8 inches last night and is still snowing some now. Might try to get out later and take some winter pics with the kids. kezia doesn't have any first snow pics yet!

well, I suppose. a messy kitchen, a shower, nap for kezia and a mountain of stuff piled into my nice clean craft room are all calling for my attention.
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