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Re: UGH! Sick of trying to buy used baby stuff!

I bought a lot of diapers used for cheaper than buying new. It took a lot of looking though and some were bought new through sales. However that said, our post office got really bad and for some reason lost like 2 of my packages. 1 only had a cover in it, the other had 70 dollars worth of used diapers. I didn't get a refund on ANY of them because tracking showed they were delivered. They may have been, but they weren't to me. I was so entirely ticked and will NEVER buy used diapers again.

It happened again after buying a replacement for the lost package with 70 dollars of diapers, but they were bought new and while I spent 30 dollars extra, it was worth it. They are replacing the lost diapers for free.

So yeah. That's my opinion on buying used, especially with diapers. Buy new, you never know if your PO is going to get all screwy. I plan on just investing a little in a small amount of new things like clothing and all. We got lucky though, a friend of mine is having a boy and I'm having a girl, both the opposite of what we already have so we swapped clothing. I have more than enough clothing at the moment for the first few months.
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