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Re: UGH! Sick of trying to buy used baby stuff!

I've been pretty suprised at how much the secondhand market has changed in the last few years. With my first son, born 6.5 years ago, I bought everything but his prefold diapers and his carseat used. I got his first set of covers for not much more than postage and they were in perfect condition. I got all his clothes from the consignment stores and on ebay too, nice things, and spent very little.

For this baby not only have I had a hard time finding anything decent but the prices are so high! Not just in consignment stores either - in the thrift stores anything nice is marked up with a special price. I like buying used but I'm not going to pay more than 50% retail, especially when the quality is so poor. I don't see much equipment. The thrift stores here don't accept much anymore. The local hospital gives carseats to new parents so hopefully the people who can't afford them are getting something safe that way.
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