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Potential move to (south) NJ from AL...yikes!

My husband has a job opportunity in NJ. They haven't even given him salary or relo info yet, so this could all be a mute point if the $$ isn't there. We moved to the gulf coast of AL 4 years ago from VA (where I lived all my life until that point). AL was a bit of a culture shock, but I'm afraid NJ make be a shock in the opposite direction! Although, while I grew up in eastern VA, we spent 10 years in NoVA...I'm guess it's probably not THAT different from there. We'd probably be looking to live close to Philly (Medford, Lumberton, etc.) *IF* we did this. Anyone from those areas that can give me any insight...I'm 35, hubby is 40. We have a 6 yr old (in kindergarten) and a 8 month old, plus a large dog.
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