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Re: All You Breastfeeding MOMMYS!!! HELP

I had a LOT of trouble BFing, and honestly, I still do. DD is 6 mos. It can be very difficult, but the rewards are so fantastic, that even on days that I just want to quit, we just keep plugging away. I'm determined to continue, even though it is still hard sometimes for us. I think the other mommas here have given you some GREAT advice! And, I agree with pp that it is VERY rare that a momma never makes ANY milk for her baby - if that is truly the case, it is quite possible that there is something preventing you from making milk. Nursing immediately (or as soon as you can) after birth is really important (IMO) for getting your body to make milk. The only thing I'd suggest that hasn't been suggested yet is to nurse your baby right away after birth - within the first couple of hours if it is possible for you to do that. Best wishes!
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