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Re: Potential move to (south) NJ from AL...yikes!

90% of my doctors are down there and so I can tell you you have GREAT medical down there!

Cost wise there are much more pricey areas of New Jersey. It will not be anywhere near NoVA I don't think for you. I am thinking more of the DC area. Transportation is fairly good down there. I know, I go a lot! There is a Whole Foods and Trader Joes in Marlton, NJ and there is lots of shopping there as well. STAY FAR FROM Camden!!

South Jersey in general is a different animal then Northern New Jersey. Seriously I think some up north think that they are the ugly step sister or something. Farms and such are down there though less so near Philly.

If your DH is going to be working in Philly you might want to move to PA. Traffic can be VERY bad over there but you are going to pay tolls to go across the Delaware river. Just something to think about.

Sorry I can't be any more help then that. I know the area sort of, and I have looked into COL there since I have so many doctors down there. However I am happy where we live now (Central NJ).

Good luck!

BTW My DH moved from Birmingham AL to Northern NJ to Cambridge MA. He seemed to do okay with the move (corporate housing in Northern, NJ). I am sure you will too.
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