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Homebirth mamas! What is/was in your birth kit?

I finally got a yes to a homebirth so I can start thinking of what to get =)

This is the list from my midwives:

-Heating pad or hot water bottle
-Space Heater (unnecessary we can adjust the room temp in every room)
-Towels (6) to dry off baby
-Receiving Blankets (4) to wrap babe in
-Baby hat
-Face cloths (12)
-Cookie sheet or tray
-2 large bowls
-Large plastic container for placenta
-2 garbage bags - one laundry, one garbage
-Maxi pads (lots)
-Emergency phone numbers
-Olive oil for perineal massage
-Ice pack
-Water bottle with squirt top
-Plastic sheets

What did you have?
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