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Cotton Babies Shipping Problem

We did a little research last night to see why people were complaining so much about shipping and realized that when the price for colors was set at $17.95, it pushed it over the $4 flat rate zone and into the next flat rate zone of $6.75. Previously, you'd been able to buy one bumGenius for $16.95 and ship it for $4.

We corrected that problem so an order for one bumGenius! (any color) will ship for $4. Yes, I'm still charging for shipping. Shipping isn't free, plain and simple. However, I agree, a customer shouldn't pay $6.75 to ship one bumGenius. We've corrected that problem and are refunding the difference to customers who were affected by this.

Please keep in mind that all bumGenius orders from Cotton Babies, regardless of size, are shipping out (just as they always have) via Priority Mail or Fedex.

I'm sorry about the confusion and frustration for those of you who just wanted to have one diaper. If you have questions, please let me know.

Kindest regards,

Jenn, Owner
Cotton Babies
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