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Re: Potential move to (south) NJ from AL...yikes!

Thanks all! I understand we can live just about anywhere in the state. It's a sales mgmt job, and his territory will be all over the state. The main office is in Lakewood, but his would-be boss lives in Lumberton. That, coupled with our desire to be in a more rural setting with good schools is how we focused that area, I guess Burlington county. Having access to farm stands, farmers markets, local foods, etc. is quite important. I've lived 4 years without Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and CostCo...I can live without them, but having access to them is quite appealing!!

@dagmomma...we are in Fairhope, which I have to admit, for AL, is pretty nice. I do like the sense of community here, and the downtown. I hear in the area we are looking there really aren't many 'towns' with a main street, small shops, etc. Is that true? In NoVA, we had 'towns' that popped up b/c a big developer would come in, slap up a bunch of houses on former farms, give it a zip code, and bam - it's a town. Is the right impression of that area, or no?
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