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Re: Potential move to (south) NJ from AL...yikes!

Thanks dagmomma! You have been very helpful. I just wanted to get a feel for the area. I don't know of any other specific questions right now. We need to find out more about the job, the salary, and what sort of relo assistance they can offer, and then decide if it's the right move for our family. Candidly, we've been trying to get back to VA or NC. This isn't ideal for us, but we need to figure out if it's close enough, or stay where we are for now. If we are leaning toward taking the job, then we definitely plan to fly up for a couple of days and make sure (we accepted the AL job without ever even stepping foot in's worked out okay, but I'm not doing that again!).

Yes! We do have a cd store, but don't get too excited. It's not a brick & mortar store. Claudia is super nice, and primarily works out of her home. But it's still great to stop by her house if you want to see something prior to buying, and she'll drop off local orders if she's out and about. She recently opened a little 'booth' at a local open air market, so at least again, you can see/touch/feel before buying. Abby's Lane was about 30 mins from our old house in about a cd store! I'd love to be that close to her now (I only PT cd'ed my DD and I don't think Abby's Lane had a brick & mortar store then)!
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