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Re: Nursing while PG

I've found that really paying attention to positioning and latch has helped with the pain of nursing; I've been VERY tender this pregnancy...but also realized that I had over time let Bry get very sloppy with latch, and how I hold him while nursing -- it just gets easier when they're toddlers and you can forget the basics, kwim?

We've been working on "open wide and stick out your tongue" and then I pull him in close...also making sure he's positioned belly to belly, with his legs and bum well wrapped around my side so that he's not pulling so much on my breast. This has helped a LOT, it still hurts at latch-on but isn't as painful throughout the nursing as it was just a week ago.

Also, I've heard some mommas say Lansinoh helps a bit...the tenderness is hormormal so it won't completely clear up, but sometimes tweaking things a little bit helps make it more manageable.
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