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I have had 5 c-sections and we are TTC baby #6.
Each one has been different. My first who will be 13 this month, was hard. I felt things I shouldn't have and the dr didn't believe me. He thought I was only feeling pressure, it wasn't just that. So they put me out after she was born and I apparently freaked out and tried to get off the table(which is why they put me out) I have no memory of this. #2 was born 2 wks before #1 turned 2. I tried for a vbac but the moron dr(a different one) didn't realize she was sideways and induced labor and I had agonizing back labor. I said never again would I go through labor to end up in surgery. So with #3(#2 was a few mths over 2 yrs), even though he was head down we chose a c-section. This one was harder, I had adhesions and they had to clean things up. I also had a spinal and it caused me to have to spinal headaches for days before they believed me and I had to have a blood patch done where they take blood from your arm and inject it into your spine. HORRIBLE. But it worked. The recovery itself wasn't bad.
#4 was when #3 was 4 and it went well. Baby had issues but not due to surgery. I leaked fluid and he was very small. I was highly stressed from the beginning and it was a hard emotional pg.
#5 was when #4 was about 2 1/2. It was actually my best surgery ever. Although I was in a lot of pain immediately afterwards. I felt pretty good for the first 2 wks after, dh did baby me and I stayed in bed almost always. After that he went back to work and I started having horrible pains in my stomach. The dr thought it could be scar tissue. It was so bad I couldn't walk through the house. My inlaws helped me a lot then.
So my children are now 12(13 March 22), 10(11 this friday!), 8, 4, & 2. And we are TTC our final child. I would have lots more but I know I can't keep putting my body through this. My stomach is a mess already. I do worry about the risks of having another but I know they aren't really high. I amhealthier than I have ever been so that keeps me positive.
My last dr was fine with us having another. He has left my town though so I will have to have another, I hope they don't lecture me or try to make me feel bad
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