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I totally agree with the car seats but there's always another side. Where I grew up there's not many stores and not any money, thus people but from garage sales and would like anything vs nothing. My mother has sold a couple of car seats at her garage sale that were used but I believe still under 5 yrs old and fully working (as we used ours till we got a XTSL and gave her it).
People don't have money and can't afford car seats, especially multiple for +1 kid. As much as I think everyone should be able to buy a new car seat, I know that isn't the case and people are just trying to get by and provide what they can for their kids. It's not bc these people are ignorant, don't care, need get their fianances together,'s bc that's all they know, they live a different life than a lot of mommas on here, and they are just trying.

I am for safety standards but there is a desperate need for basic safety items. Also we are overwhelmed as a society with buying new new new overall. ESP the baby items in which is a multi-million(if not billion) industry.

You don't get that kind of money from moms just selling something need the mommas coming back for more...
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