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Re: August 2011 babies- March Chatter!

Yea Crystal for a good day! And hugs for the rest of us. LoL! Everyone is feeling better, we just have the lingering cough. Caspian doesn't cough at all during the day, but wakes up at night having a coughing fit. It's pretty bizarre. Last week I got in my car and it smelled like death in there. It was horrible. Izzy helped me clean the whole thing out and vacuum and everything. We washed all the car blankets and jackets and loaded back up the car. No smell so i thought we were good, although we didn't find anything. Then over the weekend we went to take the BoB stroller out and the whole seat was covered in mold. I think it was from Juniper spilling her water in the seat? They don't have any other drinks in the car. Either way I had to take the whole thing apart and clean it. Just yuck.

I signed up for a "sew through your stash" in the craft chat area. I really have way too much fabric and it's making me take time off from the kids and relax. I contacted a local cat shelter and Izzy and I are making mini blankets for their cat carriers for them.

My hubby was never that into babywearing. But I think the more he sees men out there the more he gets into it. Here he is on the treadmill. Excuse the garage mess!

And after of course.
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