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Originally Posted by Buckmommy
Hi mommas,

I am new to cloth diapering, and I am looking at prepping all my used cloth diapers. What is your routine? Also, what is your regular washing routine? Which detergent do you use? Dryer, or hang to dry? I'm worried about destroying the PUL.

Thanks Ladies!
If you bought used, you don't need to prep them when you buy new, you have to wash it on hot a lot (like 6) of times to reach it's full absorbency.
Here is my routine:
Cold wash with white vinegar
Hot wash with Biokleen
Cold rinse
Tumble dry low

When I used to use PUL, I never had issues with the dryer. You can try both ways and see what works for you, though. Be advised that line drying tends to leave garments/diapers feeling slightly stiff.
I love my biokleen. After I use the rest of our commercial detergent, I am going to start using biokleen on regular laundry as well (waste not, want not!).
Good luck! Welcome to the addiction
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