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Re: November 2012 to-do/to buy lists

Originally Posted by AnimalHouse View Post
To Buy:
Maternity clothes - because I sold mine, thinking DS3 would be our last baby
Newborn/small diapers - because I sold all mine as DS3 outgrew them
Wrap or ring sling - because, once again, sold all mine
Baby swing - you guessed it, I sold it after DS3 outgrew it
A new minivan! Our Kia Sorento just won't do four carseats, LOL.

To Do:
finish PLing DS2
purge all our extra stuff
finish all the random household and yard projects
My lists aren't huge, I'm pretty much a minimalist when it comes to babies .
This is me, too! DH was done having kids. I still wanted more, but figured I wouldn't win that battle, so I gave away all the baby stuff. Actually, I just freecycled our crib about 3 weeks ago!
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