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Re: vbac mamas

As long as there are no issues, you should be able to stay home as long as possible. You are absolutely right about being put on the clock when you arrive. I believe laboring at home and having that free range of motion without being hooked up to all the monitors was crucial for my VBAC. My labor started about 3am (fuzzy...can't even remember now). Got to the hospital around 9, and baby was born about 11am. It was a full hour after arriving before the nurses hooked me up to the fetal heart monitor. The doctor was all "you have to get here as soon as labor starts so we can watch you"...he didn't even make it in the room to catch the baby.

Have you sought out an ICAN chapter in your area? If there is one, you might ask local VBAC mamas which doctor they recommend most for a VBAC and what created optimal conditions for them.

Good luck, mama!
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