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My life feels like it is falling apart right now. I am having a family crisis that I am NOT dealing with well and we still do not have a home computer. I was supposed to have my computer back at the beginning of January and that did not happen. Due to viruses my dad will not let me access diaperswappers from his computer which means the only access I have is from the library. I have 3 little kids and using the library computer is not something I can do often. I can access my email weekly now and I am trying my absolute best to get caught up on old emails. Orders through my hyenacart are being processed. I need to keep my business up and going because my family is depending on this income right now but it is hard to respond to emails as quickly as I would like right now. Please do not think I have forgotten about you if you don't get an immediate response. I am trying my absolute best. If things get too overwhelming I will shut down my hyenacart temporarily but for now that is not necessary. Again, I am sorry if anyone has tried to contact me and not gotten a response. I have not fallen off the face of the earth.
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