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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

As a mom to a infant/child model..I can tell you it is not even about how your child is about what the agency is looking for at that moment, it may have to do with the size they need, the look they need or a current job they need filled with a specific criteria. Also you may have the cutest baby known to man but unless you live in a city where modeling is huge you will not make it...ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS THIS:
Check your Local SAG list by going on it will give you lists of local SAG do not want anything other than sag or chances are you will be paying out of pocket and there is no need to do so. Once you have established you are infact in a city that is with in an hour of a few agencies you can proceed with submissions. Get together a cover letter, something short and to the point. I am so and so mother to 12 month old so and so we are currently seeking representation. I have enclosed her current photos, contact info and stats.
As far as pictures you want to include 3-5 shots. These mostly need to be face serious 2 smiling very close up, one full body length NO PROFESSIONAL SHOTS..these are everyday snap want plain clothing nothing busy to take away from the child. Also for children under four you should never invest in professional comp always use home made cards with a snap shot on them, this is because you often have to retake pics every three to six months to show what the child looks like.
on the back of each photo put your childs stats (age, height, weight, clothing size, shoe size and in some cases waist, hip, chest and inseam) Also add contact info (phone #'s) and a self addressed stamped envelope and you will hear back from the agencies either by phone call or by your pictures being returned and a letter stating your child did not meet their current needs and to reapply in 6 months. this will usually be within 2-6 weeks after sending the pics out.
one tip is I would take a couple rolls of film and go to a lake or park and a few changes of clothes and just take a ton of pics out of the three rolls I would find 3-5 i would LOVE and send those in with my have to get good anyway if you get an agent because you have to take new pics for comp cards every few son was in modeling from 2-4 years and on the first day of kindergarten macy's called for a shoot and I had to put school first and we took him out of modeling entirely...he had 3 agents and we were located in san fran at the time..he has a strong desire to get back into it and we are now in san diego so it is a possibility but with him having issues with autism it may be more of abattle to get him involved this time around... good luck and if you have any questions let me know....sorry this was so long...I just know way too much about the biz...
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