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Re: vbac mamas

At the very least, hit up ICAN's website and find out if the hospital at which you plan to deliver "allows" VBACs. If not, try to find one that does. You may also want to consider switching providers--as long as the baby isn't here, it's not too late.

You can also just be stubborn as hell. Don't go in immediately. Don't go in until you just have to. Do not sign a form consenting to c-section. (You can, LEGALLY, cross out that portion of a blanket consent-to-treat form and notate that you do not consent to a c-section.) In theory they can turn you away; in practice it is incredibly unlikely, especially if you are actively laboring when you do show up. Remember YOU let them perform surgery on you; they don't let you not have surgery performed.

Even the ACOG is on your side.
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