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Re: vbac mamas

Originally Posted by Sophia&Daria View Post
I really do want a vbac but the doc says there is a very small chance things will go bad, but if things go bad, I may have to live with it all my life... like baby gets a brain damage. That scares me. I do want this but not if it will hurt my baby. Ykwim?
definitely research, research, research. set some time everyday or a few times a week and read as much as you can on ICANs website about vbacs, on ACOGs site about vbacs, in the VBAC forum i added some links on a thread with info about vbacs.

a vbac is BETTER for baby and for you. Yes, terrible things are possible in a vbac, but terrible things ARE possible with a csection. You have a less than 1% chance of uterine rupture with a vbac, and even that...while totally and completely a big deal, is not always the end all its made out to be. Please, spend some time reading. also check out the books The Silent Knife and Ina Mays Guide to Birth

vba2c hopeful here!

oh and like pp said, try to stay home as long as you feel comfortable. a doula/midwife would be great if you can afford one to stay with you. some can monitor you at home, encourage you to stay focused, advocate for you in the hospital when you're in laborland.

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