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Re: How many pp mama cloth?

I think it depends on the woman... I bleed heavily for a few weeks (around 3) and need super thick disposable pads. I would buy 1 package of disposable just in case you have a c-section because you won't want to be doing laundry during the first part of recovery. It won't be enough to get you through postpartum (typically), but then it's not a waste of money if you don't need them. Even if you don't end up with a c/s, you are supposed to rest and relax for the first 10 days and unless you have someone who is fine washing out mama cloth, you should buy disposable as you shouldn't be doing laundry. Per my old midwife. And the other is just my opinion (i'm a be prepared kind of girl).

I never bought the ice ones. I tore really bad with my first son and the midwife had be pour witch hazel on pads and stick them in the freezer and then pull out and put on as needed. It helped with the swelling, pain, burning, etc from stitches. I think they are cheaper than the already made ones.
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