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Re: vbac mamas

Originally Posted by Sophia&Daria View Post
Aren't you nervous that you won't know if something goes wrong?
TBH, absolutely.

But I plan on being absolutely prepared, having hubby prepared and expecting my doula to be prepared and alert for "signs" of a complication. If any sign were to happen, i'd go straight to the hospital.

like pp said, the second you're in the door, you're on their clock. Noone wants to stand around waiting for your baby to arrive or your uterus to explode...why not encourage a quick C and get it done with?

check out birth wthout fear on FB and her blog. shes got tons of information and lots of encouraging posts about being prepared and confident in your body. Fear can be me, i know! but a prepared heart and mind can set you at ease to make the decision you can feel comfortable and confident with...whether its a csection or vbac.
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