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Re: vbac mamas

With my first VBAC she was really overdue (according to OB standards) so I finally agreed to a TRIAL induction (pit only, lots of walking the halls, no water breaking). At the end of the day I went home, then was in labor all night (probably due to all the pit). I went back to the hospital the next day and had my doula there. She really saved me from another c-section. I labored all that day and into the night. My babies take FOREVER to be born. With my second VBAC, I was in labor all week. I had contractions so bad I thought for sure she was coming. I went in and got all hooked up and they sent me home because I wasn't progressing. So for five days I lived with horrible contractions. I finally went in again and I was five centimeters dilated. I still labored all night and the next day (again, long labor). Anyways, I think that staying home as long as possible is crucial and so is having a doula if your OB is at all wishy washy about VBACs. With my second child my doctor kept saying I could try for a VBAC and then when I was five months along he said he really wanted me to do a repeat C-section. I changed providers right then and there (for the best! ) Good luck!
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