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Re: vbac mamas

I definitely don't envy your situation hon! I've been in it myself all too often! The problem isn't that doctors are horrible...the problem is that they are governed by insurance rules and regulations, and by hospital policies who themselves are governed by insurance rules and regulations. Its a tough nut to crack into...even if you find an OB/midwife that would LIKE to "let you VBAC", if there are certain circumstances, they virtually HAVE to force you to have a repeat C/S
Low fluid, 40+ weeks, etc...these things aren't valid reasons to have a c/s, but everyone gets nervous and doesn't wanna risk the chance that THEY could be the ones attending a potential situation.

C/S ARE just as risky, just in different ways...but they get you to sign a "form" because it is a huge surgery...a form that covers ALL things they might in the future encounter in a potential lawsuit. You don't read it, you sign...and they feel a burden lifted, kwim? Even if you die under their knife, the sad truth is, its covered in the papers you signed. A VBAC for some reason, they are unwilling to do the same it makes them nervous because there is no safety net for them if something tragic happens (rare as that is..).

I would suggest these things hon, if you choose to still go with this provider:
*Labor at home as LONG as you possibly can!
*Eat food if you can handle it
*Drink a BOATLOAD of water starting around 38 weeks (this is typically when they do ultrasounds to find out fluid levels...if you aren't drinkign enough water, they will section or induce you for "low fluid"...but they never tell you that you can go home, drink a gallon of water in a few hours, and it immediately replenishes your amniotic fluid...its PROVEN...they just chose to not recognize it as fact..)
*Get a doula to help you at home, and calm any fears you may have. She will also be a huge advocate for you in the hospital. A huge problem I find is once I am in the hospital surrounding, a Dr. is the all-knowing almighty (lol!), and I wilt in his/her presence. You need someone to FIGHT for you, when you are weakest. Why try a scare tactic on a laboring woman who is tired and scared already? Because it works. If you wanna section cause you are nervous about your reptuation and insurance, or induce cause you have a party at 8pm that'll work.
****ALL DOCTORS ARNE'T LIKE THIS**** but, alot are, and I've met alot of them. You are a in hundreds they will see that given day. Her best interest is to have a guaranteed "happy mom, happy baby", and the trend is that a c/s is the easiest ticket there, and the losses and tragedies that are associated with c/s are excused because, well, "everyone knows its major surgery afterall.."

So anyhoo...blablabla...sorry for my rambling

I definitely second joining ICAN to calm your fears...
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