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Re: vbac mamas

I also would suggest watching the documentary called "Business of Being Born" by Ricki Lake. Its very informative at the least...I don't agree with *everything* in there, but I feel it shows a side of things that often are NOT addressed when you are seeing a typical OB/GYN provider. Some do try, and are great at what they do...but its best to arm yourself with as much info as you can, and use your "filters" when needed Best of luck to you hon!

I was able to have a home-labor/hospital VBAC with my 2nd son, and have gone on to have an "accidental" homebirth (3rd son), and then an "intentional" waterlabor/homebirth (my baby daughter).

My experiences have been progressively better and better...but with my first VBAC, I was in WA state, and I called about 5 different hospitals, 10 different OB/GYN practices, and nobody would "let" me VBAC. The OB/GYN that sectioned me with my first said I could vbac when I was on the operating table...but when I got in her office a few weeks later, she frankly said, "That just isn't a very popular choice right now, I would recommend a repeat c/s". I never went back to her, I was livid, and felt SO betrayed!

I labored at home with a midwife, then transfered with my doula who FOUGHT for me, with a hospital an hour away that I hadn't called. They finally gave us the Dr. on call, he was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! (see, I like awesome OB'!) He personally supported VBAC's, and said he thought it was the best route, but gave me an epi to help relax me (Labored for almost 3 days, stuck in transition for 5 hours, baby was acynclitic). I delivered 3 hours from admittance, my beautiful first VBAC.

*IF* you can...I would suggest trying to get ahold of a homebirth midwife, tell her your fears, and ask if she has any contacts that might know of a VBAC friendly Dr? Sometimes family practices are more VBAC friendly? Just educate, educate educate
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