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Originally Posted by Sophia&Daria View Post
Aren't you nervous that you won't know if something goes wrong?
There's a better chance of complication in a section than there is a VBAC. Sections are routine surgery, but they're still major surgery with major risk of complication.

Birth can be a risky thing. Even a perfectly healthy first time mom can have serious problems that are completely unforseen, and I know that from experience - my best friend only managed to save her baby by being in the right place at the right time when her abruption started, and she was a first time mom with no risk factors, and no symptoms until they placed the fetal monitor on her and realized her baby was in danger. But while these stories are scary, they're also incredibly rare. You and I as VBAC mamas are only at a very slightly higher risk for rupture than a mom who's uterus has never been cut, so the risks are VERY overblown. I too plan to stay home as long as I can, keeping in mind that the hospital that I want to birth in is about a half hour away. My midwives encourage that, actually. Can something go wrong? Of course it can. Will it? Very very unlikely.

As for how to avoid c-section afterwards, declining as many interventions as possible that keep you immobile seems to be a good start. An IV and continuous fetal monitoring may seem simple enough and just precautionary, but if they keep you chained to the hospital bed and unable to move around, that leads to requiring pain meds and epis, which can lead to reactions and labor stalling which then lead to more interventions. If they have wireless monitoring, that would be better, failing that intermittant monitoring would be a good choice. About the worst thing you can do is an induction. While the chance of rupture with VBAC is rare, it goes up considerably with things like pitocin because it makes contractions so much more intense. Basically, the simpler you can keep things, the better your chances. Keep in mind that they can't force you into anything, just be clear and firm.
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