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Originally Posted by crunch!910 View Post
I'm not at all worried about laboring at home. While the hospital I plan to deliver at is 1.5 hrs away, I have a hospital less then 5 minutes from my home. If I noticed continued pain between contractions or heavy bleeding, I could immediately go there to be checked out and have baby out in csection safely. If not, I could be sent home or at least sent to the hospital of my choice. I've experienced first hand laboring the entire time in a hospital,t he time limits, the stress, the heightened pain due to being in uncomfortable environment treated rudely by nurses and tied down to a bed. I'm laboring at home for as long as possible!
Yep this is me as well. While I'd rather go to a hospital that's about 30 minutes away, in a pinch there's one a LOT closer that could handle an emergency section if it became absolutely necessary.
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