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Re: Help with taking a bottle!

My little man will not take any bottle ever! He is now almost 11 months old and we have tried ever bottle on the market including the Adiri that was linked too earlier. He will scream and fight until you just give up. The only thing he will take is a sippy cup (I think its Gerber and its not spill proof) that he can bite on and the milk comes out. He refuses to suck on anything but the real thing!! Oh and he won't take bm from it either it has to be something else (usually whole milk now). I guess I have one of the stubborn ones! I go out every Tuesday and Thursday night for softball and am gone anywhere from 2-4 hours most nights he does really well with my dh and will just use the solids and sippy to satisfy himself on a rare night like last night he will cry for 30-60 minutes while dh rocks him to sleep. I hate to come home to hear that he cried himself to sleep but usually when he does that its because of something bothering him (last night he was getting a tooth) besides the fact that momma is gone! Good luck with the bottle and let us know how it goes.
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