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Re: Silicone Breast Pads?

I haven't used these personally, but I do plan on getting some for after the baby.

From what I've read, they're best used for shorts amount of time only...for example, you're out shopping for the morning and want something that's not going to give you that lovely "bullseye", hey-I'm-wearing-a-nursing-pad look under your tee, kwim? These are supposed to be really discreet, no slipping, and they prevent leakage by applying gentle pressure on the nipple - kinda like crossing your arms over your boobs when you feel a letdown. LOL

If you use them for extended periods of time, you can run into issues with blocked ducts, etc., because they don't allow milk to escape the breast...and leaking is your body's way of eliminating any excess that it needs to. So all day wear or overnight would probably not be a great idea.

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