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Originally Posted by ssgrobswifey
I appreciate y'alls feedback. I spoke with the nurse at my ob's today and explained to her exactly what happened and she insisted I was/am just constipated. Which I'm not.. Being my third pregnancy, I know the difference lol. But anyway, she recommended a warm compress and Tylenol. I maybe making a trip to the hospital, otherwise I'll wait it out til Tuesday with my appt with my perinatologist. So we shall see. I have SPD, which I'm use too.. But this is different than that. Also different from the regular ligament pain we all experience from multiple sections.
Good luck! Let us know what they say! Although, why on earth would she say constipated??? Lol. Bizarre. I hope you are feeling better soon. I'd take it easy and if you feel worse (or not better), just go in.
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