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Re: Does this forum include disaster preparedness?

Originally Posted by nothingtosee View Post
I haven't been able to stockpile much, given that we just rent and move a lot due to my soon-to-be ex husband hunting us down. I do make sure that I will have everything to survive a month or 2 "on the run" in a scenario where we won't be able to buy food/water type things. Making sure I have cash stashed somewhere is what I'm working on again, I used to always keep $2,000 in a convenient place to grab it. My goal is to be able to pick up and go within 15 minutes, and we're getting there.
I think the bug out house sounds like a really good idea, like the pp has. That sounds so cool!
I had no idea there was a show about this stuff either, guess I live under a rock!
Yeah NatGeo has a show called Doomsday Preppers and there is another one called Meet the Preppers but it on a different channel. We want a vacation cabin aka bug out house too. We're heading to a campground in May that is a few hours away and were going to look around there for some property where we can build a cabin. The area isn't too highly populated. Because we have gotten into homesteading stuff we could easily stay where we are forever, but the area is more populated then we'd like.
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