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Re: Do you pay attention to other women's boobs?

Originally Posted by sparkygirl74 View Post
With my first I was pretty small wearing an A cup and by 8 weeks I went up to a DD. It was painful and ridiculous, and I was pretty much a stretchmark from aureolas on out. I looked like I had had a bad boob job and everyone noticed. I have four sisters with large breasts and it was like as soon as I got pregnant my body remembered I was related to them. They all thought it was hilarious, lol.
My sister was the same way... Only before she got pregnant she really did get a boob job so her boobs were HUUUGE!!!

Originally Posted by CaliRoll View Post
With my SIL, it was actually her rear end that tipped me off that she was pg with my nephew. It's hard to explain but her bum looked pregnant before the rest of her. She denied it with a passion, of course, until she hit her 2nd trimester.

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