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Re: More OB help- so stressed out!

I once ask an OB to refer to me a different OB. At the time, I wasn't even pregnant, but I knew I might end up pregnant with a 2nd set of twins (this was before my 2nd set obviously and now I'm pregnant with my third. ) I did not like the OB with my first set and asked around to find this new OB. My first (and only) appt with her I asked her how she felt about twin deliveries. (She probably thought I was a bit off my rocker since I wasn't even pregnant and very few have 2 sets. ) Asked specifically if she would deliver baby B breech if needed. She said no. So, I asked, "Well, do you know any OB's around here who will?" She did! I saw him for my first OB appt with my second set of twins (before knowing it was twins again). I LOVE him. I am so grateful that OB had no issues referring me out when she and I didn't see eye to eye. It turns out he is the only one around here who fits with my philosophy of delivering twins. I don't know how I would have gotten lucky enough to find him otherwise, because there are a lot OB's here.

So, my point is, I don't think the MW's will think you are crazy at all. I think it is a good move. And, I think they will be better able to point you to someone who is more naturally minded since that is what they are.
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