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Question Floating Uterus?

First of all, a disclaimer....

I'm freaking out to begin with because before this baby I had two miscarriages, miscarried the twin of my youngest child, and had a miscarriage before that (so this is my 8th pregnancy and I have 3 kids)

As if that weren't enough to deal with, when I mentioned to my OB that I seemed to be measuring big (only 12 weeks, but my uterus is almost to my navel) she said that yes, my cervix is really high and I'm measuring closer to 16 weeks because I have a "floating uterus".

I've never heard of this and the OB didn't seemed concerned, but of course I had to google it....and I can't find anything. Could this be a complication? Will the uterus settle as the baby gets bigger? I'll have to have a planned c/s with this baby, if that makes a difference.
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