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Re: Does this forum include disaster preparedness?

Honestly our garage has one car that isnt in drivable condition, but the rest of it is available. Its a disorganized MESS right now, but I plan to take a month & work specifically on that area. I want to maybe get more shelf space in it and utilize it to the fullest. We live in south GA, and it gets insanely hot here, so I try to keep most of the food in the house where it is more climate controlled, not to mention we get big nasty roaches so I dont feel comfortable putting food out there. But I guess if its canned/sealed properly it should be ok, and if I keep it closer to the house it doesnt seem to get that hot so maybe I can figure something out. I could get an outdoor shed for alot of the tools in the garage to open up more space, I also need to get a tool chest cause I swear everything is everywhere. I think I'm going to have to start relooking at all the spaces I have in the house and think what & where can I put things so I have enough for us without it looking rediculous or distracting.

I just spoke to my dad who is glad I'm getting more prepared, but suggested I get a handgun as well as a shotgun. He feels its necessary in a survival situation where everyone will be out to take what we have worked so hard to build. Good for hunting too, plenty of deer, wild pigs, rabbits, etc around here. We also spoke about the possibility of going in on some land together. He has been dreaming about retiring in Texas on a nice chunk of land, but I said thats too far if we had to bug out on foot would take forever to get there, and with 3 kids I'd lose my mind 1/4 way there lol. So I mentioned maybe north GA at the foot of the mountains, or SC or somewhere closer, but still in the vicinity of the mountains (like in the Walking Dead ), and he could live there, take care of the land and enjoy his retirement but it would also be a place for all of us. We would go in on it together, and he was really into that idea so we are looking into it.
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