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Re: Does this forum include disaster preparedness?

Yep, palmetto bugs fancy name for nasty bugs lol. I keep telling my kids we may have to eat roach kabobs one day so I dont poison them as long as they stay out of the house they get to live lol.

I have a longbow, I need to get hunting tips for my arrows, we have our ka-bar knives, I have a slingshot which I thought would be good for small game (squirrel, birds, etc) no point in wasting ammo. I may get each of the kids one for simple hunting & maybe self defense if they ever needed it. Also maybe a pocket knife for them, I dont want to leave them entirely defensless & would be nice if they could contribute somehow (hey mom got a few squirrels for dinner!). I also have a Gerber Gator Jr machete, would like to get this since has so many functions. As for the guns, I told my hubby that is his job and will be his contribution to my "cause" lol. If he doesnt get it done by a certain time I'll do it myself. My father said shotguns are not that expensive, and I still have plenty of my tax return to be able to get one on my own as well as a ton of ammo. Thing is I gotta find somewhere to practice shooting, sad I grew up around guns and never wanted anything to do with them. I regret it now, but I am thinking next time I visit my mom in Orlando I will have her take me to the gun range she goes to. The have classes and can get licensed to carry which would be great. No point in having a gun if I dont know how to use it or what its gonna feel like when I shoot. Hubby is pretty good with knots (stinking Sailor ) so I told him to teach me some basic ones, that could be useful in many situations.

I am trying to get our bug out gear done first hopefully by the end of the month, then work on stockpiling everything else.
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