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Re: Does this forum include disaster preparedness?

Yes, I have been buying food grade buckets without thinking I could get them free if I go to the grocery stores around town and ask for theirs! Would save me money that I could put towards food stockpile!

We actually have hunting on our base here, seasonally for deer, year round for wild pigs as they are very abundant and actually destructive to the natural environment cause there are so many. Otherwise there is plenty of forrest a few hundred feet from my house that I hear is full of rabbits, and lots of ponds with fish, as well as our river downtown that has fish & crabs (brackish waters).

We have a gun shop in town, and a pawn shop that sells guns so I will have to go with my hubby one day and check both out. My mom loves her revolver, but it makes me nervous to be limited to 6 bullets and have to reload. My dad recommended Mossberg for shotgun cause it is pump action, holds at 6 rounds, and has less of a "kick" than most shotguns. Last thing I want is to be blasted on my butt trying to fire something, hence the need to find a range to take courses & practice.

What is your advice for kids? I have an 8yo daughter, 5yo son, and 2 1/2mth old but for the older 2, I want to start explaining things to them without panicking them. My oldest is a worry-wart, if there is a tornado watch she automatically assumes one is headed straight for our house. But I dont want to just spring this on them & have them panic when I need them to be calm and listen to instructions. And do you think it is right to have things like slingshots & small 2-3" knives that they can use (I would show them how to use & that it is not a toy, etc)? WWYD?
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