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Re: The birth of George Thomas!

The 5 day old photo of your son is ADORABLE! Congratulations on a cutie!

I have never heard of treatment for a post-partum hemorrhage even though I know two people who have had one, so thanks for writing that. One friend hemorrhaged right after delivery and she too said she felt so sick, sicker than she ever had, and that even in her panicked, sick state, she remembers the anesthesiologist saying, we need to get her to the OR now. She was being prepped for a hysterectomy when her ob got the bleeding under control. I wonder why her ob jumped right to hysterectomy rather than any of the less radical solutions your doctors tried. That same friend also had two units of blood.

That friend definitely had some post-partum trauma and fear of getting pregnant again. She had a debriefing with her ob within a few weeks of the birth, and then another a year or so later when she was considering getting pregnant again and wanted to know more about precautions, likelihood of a repeat, etc. (After that meeting, she took another year to work through her feeligns and ultimately tried for a third pregnancy with a lot of excitement).

If you need to, I encourage you to do the same in talking to your OB and don't be hesitant about doing it more than once. It's a lot to process.
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