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Re: Does this forum include disaster preparedness?

DD is only 4 (and ds 18 months). I do think we will get her a sling shot and a bow, but that's it at this point. She has been getting little lessons in gun safety from us when she sees shooting. She has yet to ask about our stuff or why we buy lots of things. But then we rotate and use our food stockpile so she might just think its there so we don't have to run to the store. We have mentioned when she sees stuff about storms that storms are one of the reasons why we keep all that stuff in the basement. We're not in a heavy tornado area, but we do get warnings and she has seen us set up camp chairs in the basement.

I am a bit of an optimist. I know doesn't quite fit with disaster preparedness. Prepare for the worst, but expect the best. I think the best approach is to keep it light. I am not sure how well it will help her protect herself, but I don't want to rob her of her innocence either. We have never said our guns are to protect us, but she knows the guns can be used for hunting. She knows someone has to kill the meat she eats. you should see the look on peoples faces when dd asks in the store who killed the pig to make bacon. Let your dd know that your are preparing just in case. That you may never need the stuff, but if you do- you'll have it. She is already aware of storms and such so use that. Tell her you have your stuff to keep them safe and fed if a storm was ever to hit you. It probably will never happen, but if it does then you guys will be ok because you prepared for it. It might actually ease her anxiety to participate in preparing. I know in just about everything I had anxiety about if I prepared for it, then I was felt more confident. Much better then hiding and trying to ignore. You can teach her sling shots and bows for fun- its doesn't have to be about survival just something that is fun to do So she gets her practice and prepares without even thinking about bad times she might need to use those skills. I remember loving bow practice (my parents weren't preppers- we lived on a farm and they thought it would be fun for me. A lot of people bow hunted in the area). I think it helps our dd to know where food comes from. She plants seeds, picks foods and watches us can. She knows we do this so we don't have to buy it from the store. She knows that she CAN grow food, that she doesn't need someone else too. She doesn't know the importance of that now, but as she gets older she will. I guess we approach most things like hobbies. In May when we go camping (and by camping we are not really- we'll be staying in a cabin) we are going to take our bug out bags for the first time and go hiking. She'll have a pack just because she'll want to be like us. To us its a training exercise- how long can we actually carry our packs at this point- for her it will be a nature hike where she will watch us use items from the packs to make us more comfortable. She is learning, but not about the bad stuff.
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