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Re: Homebirth mamas! What is/was in your birth kit?

In addition to what you have listed we had:

bed pads (like for elderly people, it looks like a puppy pad)
meals frozen
hair band
gatorade type drink (we use recharge, it's just fruit juice with sea salt)
dry snacks for me or whomever (I had pretzels and cereal)
Rescue Remedy (tincture form or you could do spray, for me to calm nerves)
Aconitum Napellus (homeopathic for anxiety or fear)
Loads of Arnica Montana (homeopathic for healing)
Herbs for postnatal (comfrey, rrl, among others...the midwives brought this)
A robe - didn't actually do this, but will next time - would've been nice to have for going from tub to potty, etc
A note for the door that says what you would love someone to help with - meals, laundry, etc.
A stool to climb into bed if your bed is any higher than on the ground - you don't want to strain to get in and out of bed.
A list of mantras - these were things that I knew my husband, sister or mom could say that would trigger something in me - like my husband kept saying "open, down, relaxed" and that helped me do that......
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